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Copy Karaoke CDGs
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Convert CDGs, VCDs, DVDs to AVI, mcd, mpeg or SVCD files
Create new Karaoke DVDs
Create DVD AVI data discs from your Karaoke CDs
Add lyrics to any mp3 or wav files and create a Karaoke CD or any type: CDG, VCD or DVD
Convert Karaoke CDs into wav or mp3 files or into audio discs or mp3 discs

CDGs are the most poplular form of Karaoke CD. CDG stands for CD+G which means CD plus graphics. In order to play them you need a special Karaoke machine that is CDG compatible. In order to play them in a computer you need a drive that is CDG compatible and special software to play them here is a list of CDG compatible drives: CDG compatible drives

You can rip songs off a CDG disc and create files on your hard drive. You can create either mcg files or avi files.
With these files on your hard drive you can play them on your computer with special software, or you create another Karaoke CDG.You can also play the CDG disc directly from your computer drive. In order to rip and create new Karaoke CDGs you need a CDG compatible burner and special CDG authoring software

VCDs are Video CDs also a poplular Karaoke format. VCDs can play in a special Karaoke machine that supports VCD. Not all Karaoke machines support VCD. Some support VCD some support only CDG, some support both. In order to play a VCD in a computer you need special software and a VCD compatible drive.
You can rip VCD to files on your computer. They become AVI files. You can play them from your computer with special software or you can create another Karaoke CD. AVI files can only create a VCD. mcd files can only create a CDG. To create a new VCD you need a VCD compatible burner with special VCD authoring software.

Becoming more poplular is the DVD Karaoke with can hold up to 400 songs. A DVD Karaoke CD can be played in a special DVD player.A DVD can be played in your computer if you have a DVD-ROM and special DVD player software. A DVD can be ripped creating AVI files on your computer. These files can be played with special software or you can create another DVD if you have a DVD burner and DVD authoring software.You can also create a DVD data disc containing the windows AVI files.

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